Imperial Blue

A perfect blend of Indian grain spirits and imported scotch malts, Imperial Blue is known for its exquisite smoothness, and it’s the leading whisky brand of Pernod Ricard India, as well as the largest Pernod Ricard brand by volume.

History and Know-how

Launched in 1997, Imperial Blue’s exceptional smoothness is appreciated by whisky connoisseurs worldwide. It’s the second-largest brand in India’s premium-blend whisky segment and currently sells over 18 million cases a year. Imperial Blue has established itself in the minds of our consumers, and the brand’s strong growth and volume sales are testimony to its success.


Range and Tasting

To suit various moments of consumption, Imperial Blue is available in a wide variety of pack sizes, including 2L, 1L, 75cl, 37.5cl, 18cl and 9 cl. Both the 1L and 75cl packs come with a mono-carton, and all packs are equipped with tamper-proof closures.

Imperial Blue gamme