Jameson Distillery Bow St. in Dublin, Ireland

Jameson Distillery Bow St. in Dublin, Ireland

Connected by Convivialité

This deep-rooted desire to connect with one another, to forge genuine and meaningful connections, is what has always driven our Group. From these strong roots, we have designed an organization entirely focused on bringing our vision ‘to unlock the magic of human connection’ to life.

How we operate

We have one unified, collaborative network of Functions, Brand Companies, and Management Entities.

Our organization gives us the agility we need to capture an ever-changing global demand, while efficiently allocating our resources and sharing our expertise. It enables us to stay close to our customers, serving them with unique experiences wherever they are in the world.

Where we operate

Our global footprint and geographical diversity are unequaled. We distribute our brands in over 160 countries and our direct presence in 75 markets provides us with eyes and ears around the world, to better understand our consumers and customers and rapidly share insights and trends across our teams and brands to better serve our markets. .

Our Brand Companies

Our six Brand Companies are responsible for developing the overall global brand strategy for their respective brands /categories. They are also responsible for production and management of their industrial facilities.

The importance of terroir

Our brands take their character from the land or terroir where they are grown. Our brands are inextricably linked to the land and made possible by the vital contribution of local communities across the world.

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Ysios Winery

Explore where our brands are created

We call the places we create our brands our Brand Homes because our brands and their production sites are deeply rooted into the social fabric their communities. Many our Brand Homes have visitor centres where you can learn about the brand’s history and production methods.

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