Our Governance

The Board of Directors is comprised of individuals with complementary backgrounds and skills, it oversees the governance of Pernod Ricard in an ethical and transparent manner.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors plays a prominent role in the Group’s governance. The Board oversees, in strict compliance with standards of ethics and transparency, the interest of the Company and its shareholders, with due regards to our stakeholders. Bringing together individuals with complementary backgrounds and skills, the Board determines the Group’s strategic orientations with as main objective the increase of the Company’s value. Since 2009, the Group complies with the recommendations of the AFEP-MEDEF Corporate Governance Code.


Organisation and method of operation

Its 14 Directors, including 2 Directors representing the employees and 7 independent Directors meet in average 8 times a year, in sessions directed by the Chairman of the Board, also Chief Executive Officer. Responsible for the proper management of the Company’s bodies, the Chairman must, in this respect, ensure that the Directors are in a position to fulfil their mission. To galvanise this college and to anchor it furthermore into the operational reality of our business, the Group has granted access to its internal social network and holds one Board meeting per year in an operating subsidiary. The Board, through its Chairman, reports these developments to the Shareholders’ Meeting.

Board of Directors Committees

Five Committees handle subjects in the area for which they have been given responsibility and submit their opinions and recommendations to the Board: the Strategic Committee, the Nominations and Governance Committee, the CSR Committee, the Compensation Committee and the Audit Committee.

Key Figures


Independent Directors


Female Directors


Non-French Directors

General Management

The General Management is led by the Chairman and CEO, supported by the Executive Board.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is the permanent body responsible for coordinating and directing the Group, in cooperation with the Chairman & CEO, whom it assists with his responsibilities. Tasked with reviewing all decisions relating to Group affairs, it submits various matters to the Board of Directors when approval is required. It also pilotes and coordinates the major transformation projects launched recently, organises the work of the Executive Committee and defines objectives for its members, notably through its approval of the strategic plan, the budget and regular activity reviews.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee serves as the Group’s management body. It is comprised of 16 members – the entire Executive Board as well as the chairmen and managing directors of the affiliates – and meets each month (11 times annually), either at the head office or at an affiliate site. Under the direction of the Chairman & CEO, it helps to define the Group’s strategy and plays an essential coordinating role between the Headquarters and the affiliates, as well as among the affiliates themselves (Brand Companies and Market Companies). More specifically:

  • It steers the Group's activities and oversees the implementation of its main policies;

  • It decides on the setting of financial and operational objectives;

  • It periodically carries out brand and market reviews, evaluates their performance and proposes the necessary organisational adjustments;

  • It approves and ensures compliance with the Group’s main policies.

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