Our Governance

The Board of Directors is comprised of individuals with complementary backgrounds and skills, it oversees the governance of Pernod Ricard in an ethical and transparent manner.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees the company's governance, in strict compliance with the rules of ethics and transparency, as well as the interests of the company, its shareholders and stakeholders. 
Bringing together individuals with complementary backgrounds and skills, the Board ensures that the company's strategic orientations are being implemented, with as main objective the increase of the Company’s value. The Group complies with the recommendations of the AFEP-MEDEF Corporate Governance Code.


Organisation and method of operation

Its 14 Directors, including 2 Directors representing the employees and 7 independent Directors, meet in average 8 times a year, in sessions directed by the Chairman of the Board, also Chief Executive Officer. The Chairman reports on the Board's work to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

Board of Directors Committees

Five Committees handle subjects in the area for which they have been given responsibility and submit their opinions and recommendations to the Board: the Strategic Committee, the Nominations and Governance Committee, the CSR Committee, the Compensation Committee and the Audit Committee.

Key Figures


Independent Directors


Female Directors


Non-French Directors

General Management

The General Management is led by the Chairman and CEO, supported by the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the permanent body responsible for coordinating and directing the Group, in cooperation with the Chairman & CEO whom it assists with its responsibilities. It defines strategic objectives in line with the orientations decided by the Board of Directors, coordinates their implementation and steers the overall performance of the Group. Its members are responsible for the company's corporate functions, operational divisions and geographical regions on a global basis.

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Exterior view of The Island, Pernod Ricard's headquarters in Paris, France.
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Interior view of The Island, Pernod Ricard's headquarters in Paris, France.