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Individual Shareholders

Pernod Ricard has built a relationship of mutual trust with its Shareholders. We are part of the CAC 40 and Eurostoxx 50 indices, recognising the Group’s status as one of the leading listed European companies.

  • Between 1975 and 2021 the Group’s share capitalisation was multiplied by c. 180
  • Over ten years Pernod Ricard has outperformed the CAC 40 index
  • Market capitalisation of approximately 41€BN (at the end of December 2020)

Your rights as a Pernod Ricard Shareholder

Rights to dividends
You share in the profits generated by the Group in the form of dividends.

See historical dividend data

Take part in the Annual General Meeting
You participate in the company’s management. This right is exercised directly during the Group’s Annual General Meeting.

Right to information
Pernod Ricard offers several publications to its shareholders including sales figures, financial results, the Entreprendre magazine.


Different ways to acquire Pernod Ricard shares


Direct Registered Shares

Intermediary Registered Shares

Holding Bearer Shares

Registration visibility

Your shares are registered directly in the
Company’s share registry.

Your shares are registered in the
company’s share registry.

You are not known by name to
Pernod Ricard.

Share management

Société Générale is authorised by
Pernod Ricard to manage your

Your financial agent manages your account on
your behalf and remains your contact.

"Bearer" shares are those held by
the financial agent who manages
your account.

Management costs

No service charges or running costs

You are required to pay any service
charges levied by your bank.

You are required to pay any service
charges levied by your bank.

AGM attendance

Personal invitation to attend Annual
General Meetings.
You are listed on the attendance rolls and
do not need to have your shares certified.
To attend the Annual General Meeting,
you simply request an admission card.

As an intermediary registered
shareholder, you are invited to Annual
General Meeting in the same
manner as registered shareholders.

You will be admitted on presentation of an
entry card obtained from your authorised
securities account holder.
Failing this, you must be able to identify
yourself on the spot by producing a
certificate of participation
drawn up by your securities account
holder, proving your status as a
shareholder on D-3.

Become a
Direct Registered Shareholder

1. Contact Société Générale Securities Services by phone : +33 (0) 2 51 85 67 89

2. The bank will send to you by post:
- the "Direct-Registered" Share Account Agreement, required for new shareholders,
- a share purchase order form.

3. Fill in these documents, then sign, date and return them to Société Générale, along with 50% down-payment (in euros) by bank transfer or cheque.

4. The order will be placed on the stock market once the application has been verified and the funds have been received.

5. Once the order has been executed, you will receive a registered account transaction statement indicating the outstanding balance. Payment is due upon receipt of this statement.

Policy and procedures for buying and selling pure registered shares

Shareholder Contacts

+33 (0)1 70 93 18 86 (freephone)
+33 (0)1 70 93 16 00 (outside France)

Post :
5 Cours Paul Ricard, 75008 Paris

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