Responsible Hosting

Responsible Hosting

Being “Créateurs de convivialité”, we want to turn social interactions into genuine and friendly experiences of sharing and wellbeing. But the pre-condition for conviviality is responsibility.

Pernod Ricard acknowledges that the misuse of alcohol can cause harm to individuals and their communities. We have a role to play in combatting the harmful use of alcohol. We work together with industry members, civil society, governments and local authorities, as well as UN bodies, to prevent and reduce the harmful use of alcohol, as real change can only be achieved in unison with others. By tackling harmful drinking, we want to create a more convivial world, a world without excess.

What we are doing

As a responsible company, we want to ensure that our brands are enjoyed responsibly. Creating conviviality requires us to help adult consumers make responsible choices about whether, when and how much to drink. Some people should not drink at all, and we notably take a strong stance against underage drinking. Some people choose not to drink, and we always respect that choice.

For this, Pernod Ricard has a responsible drinking strategy focusing on tackling the harmful use of alcohol, which fully supports the World Health Organization’s goal of reducing harmful drinking by 10% worldwide by 2025. It encompasses a wide range of initiatives targeting its employees, consumers, specific target audiences and the whole society. We all should be ambassadors of responsible drinking.

The set of tools varies from in-house trainings and self-regulating standards to communication campaigns and evidence-based prevention programmes. By using this all-round approach, we aim at finding the most efficient ways to fight the harmful use of alcohol.

Our commitments

SDG 3 logo - Good Health and Wellbeing     SDG 17 logo - Partnership for the Goals

  • We believe that targeted preventive actions are an effective way of fighting the harmful use of alcohol and keeping alcohol consumption a safe and enjoyable experience. Pernod Ricard contributes to a variety of responsible drinking programmes throughout the world, through its affiliates and in close collaboration with the industry, civil society, governments and local partners.

    We have also partnered with the United Nation Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) to roll out the Autosobriety programme to educate drivers about the risks of drinking and driving and to help prevent alcohol-related traffic crashes and fatalities.


    One responsible drinking program or campaign per market, at scale, in partnership, and evaluated by 2030.

  • Originally created in partnership with the Erasmus Student Network 12 years ago, Responsible Party is an unbranded project which tackles binge drinking by reducing alcohol-related harm and by raising awareness about responsible consumption among young adults, through online campaigns and on the ground activations. 

    The peer to peer and the empowerment of the young adults are at the very heart of this unique project. It has reached more than 450,000 students in Europe, and resulted in considerable awareness raising as well as inducing many students to rethink their alcohol consumption : according to an independent scientific evaluation of the programme, 61.4% of the students concerned reported a modification of their alcohol-related behaviours. For more information, please visit

    In 2020, hit by the pandemic, the program went digital with an energetic and engaging #sharinggoodvibes campaign live on Facebook and Instagram. The digital campaign of Responsible Party is here to stay and will be a key tool to promote responsible drinking amongst young adults.


    Expand Responsible Party globally to reach at least 3 million young adults on the field, and 30 million online by 2025.

  • Our employees are the first and best ambassadors for responsible drinking. The Group enlists its employees worldwide with the common goal of reducing the harmful use of alcohol and promoting moderate responsible drinking, both internally and externally.


    Train 100% of our employees on responsible drinking topic.

  • We are committed to providing quality information to our consumers, advising them when to avoid drinking alcohol, how to consume alcohol responsibly, as well as providing them with the ingredients and the nutritional value of our products.

    Pernod Ricard wants to be a champion of the industry commitments taken in Europe and globally with our industry associations.  We want to inform our consumers, on- and off- pack as appropriate, about the nutritional value and ingredients of our products, and we will place an age restriction logo and a logo warning against driving while intoxicated – in addition to the logo warning against drinking while pregnant - in all markets where we distribute our products, provided that it is not restricted by local laws.


    By 2022, at least 66% of the volume of Pernod Ricard’s products marketed in the EU will carry the energy information on the label and will provide the ingredient and other nutritional information online.

  • All our brands must communicate externally with a due sense of ethics and social responsibility, through non-biased, respectful and responsible campaigns which respect everyone and do not target unwanted audiences.

    We believe that strong self-regulation is effective in meeting the ethical expectations of consumers and stakeholders in a rapidly changing media landscape. Our Code for Commercial Communications ensures that the Group’s commercial communications do not encourage or condone irresponsible consumption or misuse of any kind. It also contains the Digital Guiding Principles to set the same high standards as traditional marketing.


    95% compliance with IARD Digital Guiding Principles by 2024.


    100% completion rate for the e-learning for the Code for Commercial Communications for marketing, communications, legal, public affairs and CSR functions.

  • We want our products to be sold responsibly on digital platforms, and we want to ensure that they’re not sold or delivered to minors or delivered to intoxicated people. 

    Pernod Ricard has taken an active role in developing with our industry peers the IARD’s Global Standards for online Alcohol Sales and Delivery. These global safeguards mark the first world coalition to prevent the online sale and delivery of alcohol to underage individuals and to reduce harmful drinking among adults. 


    Pernod Ricard will continue to work with its peers and e-commerce partners to roll out the global e-commerce standards in order to ensure the responsible sales of its products on-line.

  • As a responsible host, we want to offer our guests safe experiences when enjoying our products. To this end, we increase internal awareness and rigour in the way we organise our events and brand home visits to offer responsible experiences to our guests.


    Best responsible drinking practices will be put in place in our brand homes and our events (2023).

Friends celebrate a toast while having a meal seated at a table in a garden.

Our Role in Society

We believe there is no conviviality in excess and follow a number of guiding principles to advocate for the responsible consumption and marketing of alcohol.

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