A moment of conviviality

Our Vision and Ambition

As "créateurs de convivialité" our purpose is to turn every social interaction into a genuine, friendly and responsible experience of sharing.

Our vision

“Make a new friend every day.” That motto, voiced by Paul Ricard, was the inspiration for our tagline, “Créateurs de convivialité”. Convivialité is our business and our raison d’être. Our goal is to encourage people to go out in search of friends old and new, because those day-to-day encounters create a better world.

Convivialité is more than our profession: it is our driving purpose and it comes to life through our shared belief that as humans we have an innate need to come together to create joyful moments, and in these moments, the age-old ritual of sharing a drink, with or without alcohol, can help us bond. 

Our unique portfolio of strong, premium brands, our long-term customer-centric strategy, our highly dedicated teams and our sustainable and responsible approach to everything we do are key to the Group becoming the world leader in wines and spirits.

Absolut Vodka factory in Åhus, Sweden.

Our ambition

We ensure the long-term development of our brands with full respect for people and the environment and seek to sustain our growth and profitability to the benefit of all our stakeholders.

We are best positioned to harness the continued global consumer demand for premium spirit and wine brands.


Pernod Ricard UK Sharing Skills

Our values

Our company is about people as much as products – from grain to glass, all the teams behind our brands are proud to belong to Pernod Ricard.  

Our global business is connected by conviviality. Our convivial, responsible and successful outlook is the foundation of how we work at Pernod Ricard across our brand portfolio and the globe. 

Conviviality at work means bringing people together for meaningful and joyful moments through our passion, drive and creativity. 

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