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About Pernod Ricard Norway

Pernod Ricard Norway was established in 1995 and is part of the Top players in the Norwegian Wines & Spirits industry.

Our line of business includes importing, distributing and marketing renowned brands from the Pernod Ricard global portfolio such as ABSOLUT Vodka, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Beefeater London Gin or Jacob's Creek wines. We have a strong presence in Norway’s hospitality channels as well as in Vinmonopolet.

We are “Créateurs de Convivialité”: true to our founding spirit, we bring people together, inviting them to share authentic positive experiences and making new friends every day through our world-class brands portfolio. We are also fully committed to promote enjoyable, moderate and responsible drinking.
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View the 2022 product catalogue now available in Norway. We offer nationwide service and can help with product selection as well as training.

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The world’s leading premium vodka. Bold, original, creative, made from pure Swedish water and winter wheat.

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The world's leading Irish Whiskey, triple distilled, remarkably smooth.

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Beefeater bottles


The world's most awarded gin, still made in the heart of London.

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Join us at Pernod Ricard Norway

As "Créateurs de convivialité" our ambition is to turn every social interaction into a genuine and friendly experience of sharing.

Our culture is driven by 3 cardinal values: entrepreneurial spirit, mutual trust and a sense of ethics. 

Spark conviviality at work, apply now.

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Contact Pernod Ricard Norway

Fridtjof Nansens Vei 17-19, N-0369 Oslo, Norway
+47 229 33 000
  • Management team

    Managing Director
    Mikkel Olsson  
    Tel: +47 484 02 931

    Sales Director
    Kenneth W. Nilsen 
    Tel: +47 905 45 421

    Marketing Manager Spirits & Champagne
    Khaled Kortas 
    Tel: +47 481 86 791

    Finance Business Partner
    Philip Folkestad 
    Tel: +47 472 51 305

    Sales team

    Area Manager (Oslo Sentrum/East, Østfold, Vestfold & Drammen)
    Rune Ødegård 
    Tel: +47 920 22 001

    Area Manager (Oslo Sentrum/West & Akershus Nord)
    Sverre L. Brekne 
    Tel: +47 488 94 520

    Area Manager (Agderfylkene, Telemark, Buskerud, Hedmark & Oppland)
    Sebastian Astroza
    Tel: +47 469 55 045

    Area Manager (Vestlandet, Trøndelag, Nord-Norge & Svalbard)
    André L. Falck 
    Tel: +47 410 09 705

    Marketing team

    Portfolio Manager Wines
    Espen S. Søland 
    Tel: +47 908 49 860

    Portfolio Manager
    Lydia Moore
    Tel: +47 907 50 845

    Trade Activation Manager
    Marit Brønn 
    Tel: +47 909 15 606

    Senior Brand Ambassador Wines & Spirits (External)
    Knut Skoglund 
    Tel: +47 911 61 778


    Back office

    Human Resources
    Heidi Kytöluhta 
    Tel: +35 820 721 2235 / +35 840 036 1047

    Office & Business Coordinator
    Christine Gade Holt Nordby 
    Tel: +47 464 24 616