Press Release 18/12/2019

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For the past 10 years, Willis Towers Watson, the global leader in internal opinion studies, has conducted an independent and anonymous survey every other year of the 19,000 employees of Pernod Ricard, the world's second largest Wines & Spirits group. In addition to the very high response rate of 85%, an increase of 3 points compared to 2017, the results of the latest study once again reflect the record engagement of Pernod Ricard employees, with results far exceeding industry benchmarks. 88% of respondents considered themselves engaged or highly engaged, which is 7 points higher than global companies in the consumer goods industry. 96% said they felt proud to be associated with their company, which is 9 points above the norm. 88% would recommend their company, and 95% said they fully adhere to the Group's values. These results exceed scores for comparable companies by 8 and 9 points respectively. 

This study was conducted with the Group's 19,000 employees in 35 languages across all its affiliates and markets. The 108 questions helped to assess Pernod Ricard employees' views on 14 complementary topics ranging from diversity and career development to culture and values. These results will be particularly useful to the Group when identifying potential areas for improvement, which will, as in previous years, be the focus for dedicated action plans.

In 10 of the 14 subject areas, the results upheld the record levels achieved in 2017. There were significant differences compared with the benchmarks, including performance review (10 percentage points higher), engagement (7 points higher), culture & values (6 points higher) and communication (6 points higher). 86% of employees feel they are encouraged to behave responsibly and respect the Group's responsible drinking commitments.
Lastly, the vast majority of employees support the strategic decisions taken by management (85%, 5 points above the benchmark) and 74% state they have a clear understanding of the three-year strategic plan, Transform & Accelerate, of which they are the main executors on a day-to-day basis, demonstrating their capacity to positively embrace organisational changes implemented over the past few months. Nevertheless, the Group still has progress to make in terms of speed of decision-making and execution within the organisation, which is one of the specific aims of Transform & Accelerate in its 'Human Resources' section. 

Alexandre Ricard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pernod Ricard, said, 'Our culture is the driving force behind the exceptional engagement displayed by our employees. But more importantly, I want to pay tribute to their commitment to our strategic choices and the trust they have placed in our ability to transform; it is a tremendous competitive advantage in a particularly uncertain world that requires ever greater agility.'  


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