Pernod Ricard accelerates its HR transformation with the global rollout of Workday, its new digital solution

Press Release 22/03/2019

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Pernod Ricard accelerates its HR transformation with the global rollout of Workday, its new digital solution

In line with its three-year Strategic Plan 'Transform & Accelerate' and fourth pillar 'Valuing our People', Pernod Ricard launched six months ago its HR transformation project named 'TransfoHRm'

Its goal is to make 'convivialité' a genuine performance accelerator by:

  • Putting the employee experience at the heart of HR activities;
  • Deploying diverse teams to improve both individual and collective performance; and
  • Introducing a culture of success based on autonomy and empowerment, all supported by digital technologies.

The Group is continuing its transformation and is today committed to an ambitious policy to digitalise the management of its human resources. Pernod Ricard is rolling out on a global scale, after a deployment phase of only one-year, the most innovative HR solution on the market: Workday, now available to its 19,000 employees.

This platform simplifies HR procedures and the work of all employees by providing them with a simple, intuitive and mobile solution. Each employee, irrespective of role or location, can now access and manage with a single click all the data related to the management of their professional career within Pernod Ricard: their personal information, reviews, remuneration, training, mobility projects, team, etc.

The platform means that the Human Resources departments of the Group's 86 subsidiaries now have access to a comprehensive and company-wide overview of talent, with simplified and faster data management, ensuring greater efficiency.

Cédric Ramat, EVP, Human Resources, Sustainability & Responsibility at Pernod Ricard, said, 'Workday is more comprehensive, simpler and faster, putting the employee back at the heart of Human Resources management, and will enable us to improve efficiency. This project is in line with our HR transformation programme launched six months ago and whose aim is to make our culture ' primarily one of 'convivialité' ' a performance accelerator'.

Many initiatives affecting the majority of the Group's functions will continue to be announced in the coming weeks as part of the 'Transform & Accelerate' Strategic Plan.


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