Meet Lani Montoya, Global Talent Management Director at Pernod Ricard HQ

Article 18/10/2018

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Tell us about your background 

Over the last 16 years with Pernod Ricard I have held several roles that have provided me with the opportunity to learn and continue to grow my HR career. I started as a Human Resources Manager in Allied Domecq, later in Malibu-Kahlua International where I held a similar role and then into Travel Retail Americas based in New York. After a couple of years the office was relocated to Florida where I was the VP of Human Resources before moving to Paris in July 2017 as Director, Global Talent Management. During these movements I was mostly challenged by new environments, entrepreneurial opportunities that were more start up HR roles, managing change and cultural integration. All of which have stretched me and contributed to my development.  

Moving from a regional to a global scope, what are the greatest challenges' (in other words, how is it to work now at HQ/Group level)

Moving from an affiliate role to HQ compliments my understanding in terms of our strategy and direction as an organization, bringing more of a big picture. I can see more clearly the importance of collaboration and the global impact of my decisions. I find it motivating to be able to support the markets with fulfilling their objectives while also providing tools and resources to help us achieve our global ambition. This balance between local and global is a good challenge that makes my job at HQ very interesting I think. I have to listen to the markets keeping a global outlook in mind.

What does Talent Management concretely mean for a worldwide company'

For me Talent Management plays a key role in the business strategy ' it's all about the people who make it happen. It means building a strong talent pipeline that meets our future needs as an organization by providing employees opportunities to develop and preparing them to meet the challenges of tomorrow. This also means fostering an environment where they are engaged and empowered in order to retain them.   

Diversity is a trendy word, but why is it so important to you' 

I was challenged in the earlier years of my career with being a mom and wanting to develop my career.  At the time for me it was not easy to have both and I questioned a lot how far I should go with the balance between work and home life. I have to admit it was more of a daily choice than a way of life; some days work was more the focus and other days it was the home life. I would say for me personally it was a juggling act, bringing more harmony to it than real balance but this mindset helped me to manage both. I do recognize that there are different situations and family constraints and it's not an easy decision to make. Today I believe it's important that we can help Talents manage these circumstances bringing more creativity in how we can get the best out of people and help them with what is important for them and their situations.  
Speaking more on this as it relates to the broader definition of diversity I would add valuing and embracing differences, in terms of thought, backgrounds, etc is essential to our growth as individuals, in challenging and enriching our own mindsets and building strong teams.  

What makes you so passionate about your job' 

Growing a better balanced talent pool is a key element of our Battleground 'valuing our people', it's a great privilege to contribute to this agenda at a global level by developing strategies and programs that enables others to be better while also adding value to the business. I love to see people grow and develop to their full potential and do things they didn't see possible for themselves.


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