2017/18 Gender equality index across the French entities of Pernod Ricard

Press Release 08/07/2019


2017/18 Gender equality index (« Index de l'égalité femmes ' hommes »)  
across the French entities of Pernod Ricard Group

In line with the French law « Pour la liberté de choisir son avenir professionnel » promulgated on September 5th, 2018, and the decree published on January 8th 2019 aiming to eliminate remuneration gaps between female and male employees, Pernod Ricard SA and its French entities are publishing their equality index.

This index, out of 100 points, is calculated based on 5 criteria:
-    The remuneration gap between female and male employees
-    The salary increase ratio between female and male employees 
-    The promotion ratio between female and male employees
-    The portion of female employees who received a salary increase while on maternity leave
-    The number of female/male employees among the 10 highest salaries


Pernod Ricard consolidated index: 80


Results of French entities of Pernod Ricard Group:
'    Pernod Ricard SA: index of 89
'    Pernod Ricard EMEA/MENA: index of 86
'    Ricard SAS: index of 75
'    Pernod SAS: index of 91
'    Martell & Co: index of 73
'    GH MUMM et Cie: index of 72
'    Champagne Perrier Jouët: Non applicable
'    Vignobles Mumm Perrier Jouët: index of 87



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