Published On 03/31/2017

SDG#1: Pernod Ricard invests in people with a passion to improve the world

Our mission: To help end poverty in all its forms everywhere

Chivas The Venture is a global search to find and support extraordinary entrepreneurs creating a better future for society. Through this initiative, 30 inspiring entrepreneurs across the globe are pitching their world-enhancing ideas and competing for a share of $1 million in funding.
Last year, we helped and supported three projects in the fight against poverty. It’s all part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals we actively support. Check it out:


Conceptos Plásticos

Conceptos Plásticos transforms plastic and rubber waste into an alternative construction foundation for permanent and temporary housing, shelters, classrooms, community halls and other buildings. This not only prevents plastic pollution and diverts waste from landfills, it also creates much needed building materials for communities to establish a physical infrastructure. The recycled plastic waste is melted and poured into a mould and these plastic blocks work like Lego pieces, meaning that whole communities and families can play a part in constructing their own homes. The materials contain additives that makes them resistant to fire and because the structure is plastic-based, it is earthquake resistant. Conceptos Plásticos helps in the fight against extreme poverty, promotes sustainable practices that positively impact the environment, and empowers local communities to assist in the rebuilding of their homes. 



WeFarm is a pioneering peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing platform for the 500 million small-scale farmers around the world with no access to internet. Users can access and share vital information that can improve their lives without leaving the farm, spending any money, or having access to internet. Our unique platform has already grown to more than 43,000 users and six million interactions in just a few months, and is scalable worldwide. Members can share farming tips, ask, answer and rate questions all via a free SMS service. This is all translated via a web based user interface and shared with farmers around the world. The majority of the world’s 500 million small-scale farmers live on less than $1 a day and are located in remote areas without internet access. Greater access to information enables smallholders to improve their livelihoods, by increasing crop yield and increasing resilience to climate change. 



Wakami designs and sells handmade fashion accessories produced in 16 rural Guatemalan communities, to retailers in 20 countries around the world. Wakami incubates these businesses that are owned by rural women business leaders, which employ over 500 members of their communities. The business leaders begin with little education, resources or support; they start with just the dream of a better life. Wakami gives them the training, resources and support to start their business and then connects their products to international retail markets using the story of their struggles, dreams and successes. Wakami aim to enrich the lives of both the artisans who create Wakami products and those who buy them, inspiring them to do what they love most.



Visit Chivas The Venture's website and cast your vote for the 2017 Finalists:



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