The Group’s governing bodies consist of its General Management, represented by Alexandre Ricard; the Executive Board and the Executive Committee.


General Management


The General Management is responsible for the Group’s day-to-day management and reviews every sphere of the Group’s business as well as major projects defining its future path. It is led by the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, backed by the Managing Director, Finance & Operations.

Executive Board


The Executive Board is the permanent body responsible for coordinating and directing the Group, in cooperation with the Chairman & CEO, whom it assists with his responsibilities. Tasked with reviewing all decisions relating to Group affairs, it submits various matters to the Board of Directors when approval is required. It also organises the work of the Executive Committee and defines objectives for its members, notably through its approval of the 3-year plan, the budget and regular activity reviews.

Executive Committee


The Executive Committee serves as the Group’s management body. It is comprised of 15 members – the entire Executive Board as well as the chairmen and managing directors of the affiliates – and meets each month (11 times annually), either at the head office or at an affiliate site. Under the direction of the Chairman & CEO, it helps to define the Group’s strategy and plays an essential coordinating role between the Headquarters and the affiliates, as well as among the affiliates themselves (Brand Companies and Market Companies). Working under the authority of the General Management, it directs the Group’s business activities and ensures that its main policies are applied.
More specifically: 
•    It analyses the performance of the Group’s business
•    It actively participates in setting financial and operational objectives (financial results, debt, qualitative objectives)
•    It studies the brand and market strategies, analyses performance and evaluates changes in the organisation as needed 
•    It approves and ensures compliance with the Group’s main policies