Pernod Ricard's 9th Responsib'ALL Day: Global engagement in Circular Economy

Press Release 05/06/2019

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Pernod Ricard's 9th Responsib'ALL Day:
19,000 employees stop working globally
to engage in Circular Economy 
to bring 'Good Times from a Good Place'

100 sustainable projects to minimise waste across five continents 


The 9th edition of Responsib'ALL Day, celebrated on 6 June 2019, follows the recent launch of Pernod Ricard's 2030 S&R roadmap 'Good Times from a Good Place.' The roadmap focuses on all aspects of the business from 'grain to glass' and supports the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Its four pillars, Nurturing Terroir, Valuing People, Circular Making and Responsible Hosting, bring alive the Group's vision 'créateurs de convivialité' by mobilising all employees to engage with local communities on Responsib'ALL Day across 86 countries on the same day.

Created in 2010, Responsib'ALL Day is dedicated to sustainability and responsibility.  Each year, it has an overarching theme which sees Pernod Ricard companies collaborate with local partners on a wide variety of community projects. Convivialité is all about sharing, and this notion of sharing -  not only with each other but also with our communities and all the world's inhabitants - is deeply embedded in the Group's values. This is an opportunity for all employees to show that they are passionate hosts and respectful guests, creating shared value for all.

This year the focus is on the third pillar of the 2030 commitments ' Circular Making ' to foster circularity across the business, to encourage employees to reimagine the way they use, dispose, and minimise waste, ultimately moving toward more circular models of consumption. 

Alexandre Ricard, the Group's Chairman and CEO said: 'Since 2010 Responsib'ALL Day has come to represent one of the most important dates for Pernod Ricard and its 19,000 employees across the globe. As the original 'créateurs de convivialité,' we recognise that we all have a responsibility to work toward building a better world, one that creates shared value for all. This is clearly the ambition of our 2030 S&R roadmap. We are proud to address some of the biggest sustainability issues our consumers and communities face.'

Some initiatives undertaken by employees this year will include:  

'    Paris-based affiliates - Pernod Ricard Headquarters, Martell Mumm Perrier-Jouët, Ricard, Pernod, Havana Club International, EMEA, LATAM & MENA and the Breakthrough Innovation Group (BIG): all Paris affiliates are coming together for the first time for this year's Responsib'ALL Day to create the 'Recycling Factory.' Fifteen associations are leading sessions on circular transformation for three main categories: objects, textiles and food
'    Ricard (France): employees are building a sustainable bar from recycled materials as well as participate in various workshops such as zero-waste cocktails and construction of eco-plastic point of sale
'    Pernod Ricard UK: activities include transforming materials into items of use for the community, such as turning plastic bottles into benches, assisting in various capacities charities that extend the lifespan of an object, and cleaning beaches
'    Pernod Ricard India: in collaboration with Anthill Playscapes, employees building from scrap unique school playgrounds integrating teaching elements across 20 locations 
'    Pernod Ricard Mozambique: over 5,000 empty bottles are being refashioned into ashtrays, reusable glasses and memorabilia, thereby eradicating the use of plastic for these items. In addition, in partnership with the Carlos Serra Foundation, renowned for its proactive initiatives around beach and other public-area cleanups and recycling, employees are using recycled glass to create socially and environmentally impactful public infrastructure such as walls in Maputo Municipality 
'    Corby (Canada): in partnership with Trash Tiki, employees are teaming up with bartenders to raise awareness and solutions for food & drink wastage as well as to open the first sustainable bars in Canada 
'    Pernod Ricard Polska: employees, in partnership with Zero Waste Association, are cleaning Warsaw's Vistula Boulevards. Actions include picking up and segregating litter as well as installing new benches, bins and signs about recycling. Employees are also participating in zero-waste workshops to learn about little changes that can have a huge impact on the environment
'    Chivas Brothers (United Kingdom): employees are working together, clearing litter from local communities and collecting the plastic so that it can be given a second life. The plastic will later be processed by an expert boat maker in partnership with Hubbub and made into a punt, which will be used for plastic fishing by Keep Scotland Beautiful.
'    Pernod Ricard Winemakers USA: employees are creating owl and bat boxes from broken production pallets for use in the Kenwood and Mumm Napa vineyards, thereby helping numerous species of owls and bats 
'    Pernod Ricard Taiwan: building on their 'Shine Brighter, Together' initiative, employees are using approximately 200 recycled bottles to decorate and light a local community park with an artistic installation and an environmentally-friendly power source
'    Several other Pernod Ricard affiliates: to respond to the issue of excess waste, a number of employees are taking part in clean up initiatives, upcycling and creating useful products from the waste found. In Ghana and Kenya employees will learn to turn discarded product bottles into beads and jewellery, while in Argentina and Uruguay employees will transform the same types of bottles into tiles and kitchen utensils

To learn more about all the actions taking place around the globe as part of Responsib'All Day 2019, you can consult the interactive map.  Photos and videos of these activities will also be available online on this platform throughout the day.


Responsib'ALL Day 2018 in Paris



2030 S&R roadmap

'    The recently-launched Good Times from a Good Place roadmap focuses on all aspects of the business, from 'grain to glass,' based on four pillars that capture the entire life cycle of the products: Nurturing Terroir, Valuing People, Circular Making and Responsible Hosting.

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

'    As 'créateurs de convivialité,' sharing is deeply embedded in our values and so we engage in projects that create shared value for all and are part of a larger global movement ' 
the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
'    The SDGs are the world's 'to do list' around 5Ps (People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace & Partnerships) agreed upon in 2015 by all 193 Member States as well the private sector to achieve these goals by 2030
'    The SDGs are a global framework to scale Pernod Ricard's S&R initiatives and provide more visibility to its long-lasting commitments


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