Pernod Ricard and Boiler Room, global music & culture brand, Announce festival partnership

Press Release 03/06/2019

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Boiler Room, in partnership with Pernod Ricard, today announced the launch of the Boiler Room Festival, with London the first in a series of landmark, music festivals across three continents, continuing in Los Angeles and Johannesburg.
The Boiler Room Festival partnership will be the first time that Boiler Room and Pernod Ricard will come together to celebrate and bring to life Pernod Ricard's overarching company vision of 'Créateurs de Convivialité,' centred on uniting people around authentic, shared moments. 

A Convivial festival
The Boiler Room Festival partnership will be the first time that Pernod Ricard brands have ever come together publicly to celebrate and bring to life the overarching company vision of 'Creators of Convivialité' - which centres around uniting people for intimate, authentic, shared moments. The partnership is forged around innovative co-creation, with an objective to create differentiated communal music experiences today, whilst also establishing a vision of 'convivialité' for the future. 

Both Boiler Room and Pernod Ricard, in their respective areas, have successfully demonstrated their ability to unite people around shared moments. The Boiler Room Festival will be a common ground for collaboration based on a passion for celebration, where innovative co-creation lends itself to differentiated convivial experiences.  

The primary festival destination is the 'Basecamp' at Copeland Park, in the heart of South London's creative hub, Peckham. Here, each of these four Pernod Ricard brands will collaborate with Boiler Room to host a series of interactive, multimedia exhibitions that tell the stories behind each festival music pillar, and of the communities at the heart of them.
Four of the leading Pernod Ricard brands will each support one of the core musical pillars of the London Boiler Room Festival: Jazz, supported by Beefeater Gin, Rap, supported by Jameson, Bass supported by Ballantine's, and Club supported by Absolut Vodka. 

For Blaise Bellville, Founder and CEO of Boiler Room, 'From the outset Boiler Room was created to provide a platform for underground talent and to connect music fans around the world to local scenes for authentic shared moments. With the Boiler Room Festival, we are creating a shared music moment on our biggest ever stage. It's the culmination of everything we've built up over the best part of a decade, and we're happy to have found in Pernod Ricard a partner who shares and supports this vision.'

For Alexandre Ricard, Chairman and CEO of Pernod Ricard, 'Music, like our products, brings people together and creates moments of conviviality. Blaise and I share the same values of sharing and authenticity, and I am very happy about our partnership to work alongside Boiler Room and have consumers get to know our brands at the Boiler Room Festival.'



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