The Champagne terroir

Article 16/12/2015

Benefitting from a specific climate, soil quality and topography, the Champagne terroir encompasses a patchwork of micro-terroirs endowed with unique characteristics.


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Within the Champagne region, 4 major growing areas produce different champagnes with distinctive flavors. Over time, growers have selected the grape varieties best suited to the nature of the Champagne terroir.

  • Located in central Champagne, the Côte des Blancs is the growing region of Chardonnay grapes.
  • In the northeast between Épernay and southern Reims, the Montagne de Reims favors Pinot Noir grapes and produces full-bodied champagnes.
  • West of Épernay, the Vallée de la Marne stretches all the way to the greater Paris region of Île-de-France. High quality crus are produced in the east of this area, notably in Mareuil and Ay.
  • To the south, the Côte des Bar in the Aube department produces distinctive champagnes, despite its reputation as a second-tier terroir.


Key figures (2015)

  • 33,105 hectares in production (source: Syndicat des Vignerons);
  • 319 crus (common) ranked into 17 Grands Crus, 44 Premiers Crus and 263Other Crus;
  • 16,000 growers in the Champagne region.
  • 90% of total production consists in Brut champagne.
  • Vineyards planted to grow a mix of Pinot Noir (38%), Pinot Meunier (32%) and Chardonnay (30%).


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