10th Annual Responsib'ALL Day

Press Release 03/06/2020

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10th Annual Responsib'ALL Day 
Pernod Ricard, on the 10th anniversary of Responsib'ALL Day, announces that its facilities have surpassed production of 3.5 million liters of pure alcohol to produce over 100 million 50cl units of hand sanitizer
In-house produced hand sanitizer approaches 1 million liters

This June 4th would have marked the 10th anniversary of Responsib'ALL Day, a worldwide event in which all Pernod Ricard employees devote an entire day to participate in socially responsible initiatives to benefit their communities. Due to the pandemic and the impossibility to act physically on the ground, Pernod Ricard continues its ongoing efforts to support its communities around the globe during the COVID-19 pandemic and is proud to announce today that it has crossed the threshold of 3.5 million liters of pure alcohol provided to compensate the international shortage. Additionally, the Group has produced in its facilities and donated close to 1 million liters of hand sanitizer. 

Responsib'ALL Day is one element of the Group's broader Sustainability & Responsibility initiatives. The Group launched its ambitious 2030 roadmap 'Good Times from a Good Place' last year, and progress toward numerous strong commitments has already been made1.    

Although physical distancing has impeded today's planned Responsib'ALL Day, the event's spirit remains alive throughout the Group's affiliates thanks to numerous initiatives activated to assist local communities during the current pandemic. 

In addition to providing pure alcohol for hand sanitizer production and making hand sanitizer at the Group's production facilities, some other initiatives include:     

-    Donating medical equipment including ventilators, intensive care beds and 475,000 masks
-    Supporting the hospitality sector and its workers by allocating over '3 million to programs providing free meals and financial support
-    Giving an additional $820,000 to support medical workers, among others
-    Assisting suppliers by honoring commitments such as booked event rooms and planned future events

Finally, to mark this special day for the Group, dozens of employees have produced a video to explain what a responsible company means to them. Watch it here

1.    https://www.pernod-ricard.com/fr/download/file/fid/10674/

Initiatives to support our communities 

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