Ricard is the best-selling anise-based spirit in the world. In 1932, Paul Ricard created this aperitif from the south of France with ingredients including star anise, liquorice, fennel and aromatic plants and called it ‘Pastis of Marseille’. This taste of Provence would become a world-famous brand and one of the keystones of Pernod Ricard and is continuing to write the rules for pastis-ology with new Mediterranean flavours.

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Featured Ricard products


Ricard Original

The unique taste of Ricard comes from the freshness of star anise and the richness of licorice notes and aromatic plants from Provence.


Ricard Organic Lemon

Ricard reinvents pastis de Marseille by combining the roundness of green anise with the intensity of fruity lemon aromas for a fresh and tangy flavour profile. Made in France with certified organic ingredients.


Ricard Fresh Plants

These plants are carefully cultivated by local producers on the Valensole plateau in Haute-Provence. They offer their unique aromatic qualities: a very fresh aniseed profile, with subtle vegetal notes.

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