Havana Club

This iconic Cuban rum is the world's No.3 international rum brand whose authentic flavour is popular across the world.

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Main markets for Havana Club

  1. Cuba
  2. Germany
  3. France
  4. Italy
  5. Spain

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Havana Club is produced in the purest Cuban tradition using high-quality sugarcane. The slow distillation process, carried out in columns designed especially for Havana Club, produces a strong spirit with powerful aromas known as aguardiente.
This eau-de-vie is then aged in white oak casks before being blended with a fresh sugarcane distillate to create "ron fresco" (‘fresh rum’). This rum is left to age again before being blended. This process is then repeated until the Maestros del Ron Cubano (Masters of Cuban Rum) are satisfied. The choice of cask is crucial as the wood gives the eau-de-vie a specific colour, aroma and complexity.
The entire Havana Club range is aged naturally, without any kind of artificial acceleration.


History of Havana Club