Beefeater is the world's No.2 premium gin. The only international premium gin still to be distilled in London, it brings a quintessentially British character to the world of spirits.

Beefeater range

Main markets for Beefeater

  1. Spain
  2. USA
  3. Canada
  4. Japan
  5. UK


James Burrough's original recipe contained nine “botanicals” or natural ingredients, including Seville orange and lemon peel, whole juniper berries, angelica seeds, coriander and almonds, which are steeped for 24 hours before being distilled. This procedure makes it possible to create a perfectly balanced, full-flavoured gin.
This steeping and distillation method remains virtually unchanged today and follows the secret recipe invented by James Burrough. Beefeater is the only international premium gin still distilled in the heart of the British capital at the Kennington distillery. 

History of Beefeater