Absolut Vodka

With its natural, authentic flavour, forged through a know-how that dates back 30 years, and its iconic packaging, inspired by an 18th century apothecary bottle, Absolut is recognised the world over for its pureness and taste.

Absolut Vodka range

Main markets for Absolut Vodka

  1. USA
  2. Travel Retail
  3. Canada
  4. Germany
  5. UK


The main ingredients in Absolut Vodka are water and winter wheat. The water is drawn from a deep well in Åhus where it is protected from impurities. With minimal use of fertiliser, winter wheat is sown in autumn and harvested in autumn of the following year. Throughout the year, the wheat grows under the Swedish snow and sun, developing its robust husk.
Distilled over a hundred times, Absolut Vodka is exceptionally pure, containing only natural ingredients and no added sugar.

History of Absolut Vodka