Pernod Ricard's Breakthrough Innovation Group unveils Opn at CES

Press Release 04/01/2017

Pernod Ricard's Breakthrough Innovation Group announces Opn to be
the world's first connected cocktail library at CES 2017


Originally unveiled in 2014, under the working title Project Gutenberg, Opn is a pioneering, intelligent system, which will transform the way we enjoy premium spirits and experience mixology at home.

As 'hometainment' sees consumers turn to their homes for new social experiences and in a near future of 'smart-homes', Opn enhances the drinking experience through a holistic, user-friendly ecosystem of devices, applications and services.

Elegantly designed to encourage exploration and discovery, it enables the user to learn and customize cocktail recipes, adapting them to available ingredients. Coaching features guide through the spectrum of recipes and techniques to help build skills, for cocktail classics and more elaborate concoctions. From helping put together shopping lists to seamlessly ordering spirits online and having them delivered to your door, creating social calendars and offering inspiration on the art of hosting, Opn will simplify and enhance the way we organize events at home, and help us prepare our favorite cocktails, in the smoothest possible way.

'We are utterly committed to developing the future of entertaining at home: an experience that is connected, engaging, tailored and responsible', says Alain Dufossé, Managing Director of the Breakthrough Innovation Group (BIG). 'With Opn, our goal is to make it easier to enjoy meaningful moments of convivialité at home.'

Opn is the perfect embodiment of how Pernod Ricard leverages innovation as one of the 4 accelerators of its business model alongside portfolio management, digital acceleration and premiumisation & luxury. Whether it is with new products or radically different experiences for consumers, innovation contributes to the Group's top line growth, delivering 1% of incremental growth, as well as building the future of convivialité.

As well as revealing the official product name and branding at the iconic tech event, BIG shared information about features developed over the past three years, including further details of Opn's unique four-pillar system:


The Cartridge is a disruptive, efficient design, space-optimized to be unobtrusive, whilst still holding the standard 70cl of spirit. Its integrated tech also enables it to communicate with the rest of the Opn system. A future design classic, the sleek Cartridge effortlessly blends into any home, with a clean, contemporary look that will appeal to a multitude of tastes, and compliment numerous design styles.


The intelligent tray unit interacts with the Cartridges, releasing measures through a pour application, helping the consumer achieve the perfect mix. The tray also monitors spirit levels whilst informing the rest of the system on what cocktails can be made, with what's currently available. 


With a database of more than 300 cocktail recipes, created by top mixologists from around the globe, the core application opens up the world of cocktail-making for exploration, whilst its easily understood, step-by-step instructions help the user prepare a variety of mixes. As more recipes are learned and mastered, it encourages independent experimentation and customization of recipes. The application also ensures users have everything they need, by putting together shopping lists and placing cartridge orders. It even helps design event invitations, meaning every detail of social events is covered.


The website features articles and films that share the stories and personal experiences of hosts around the world, who love entertaining at home. Whatever the scale, Opn's friends and experts share their insights and advice on hosting and how to create a social gathering to remember.

Research to date has shown that Opn's disruptive qualities are generating new rituals amongst consumers. Accordingly, over the next 12 months, BIG will continue to finesse Opn's system, based on trials and interactions currently taking place with 200 individuals, in Paris.

 'Since November 2016, we have been meeting consumers in five European cities and the feedback is clear: Opn provides simplicity, great cocktails and great moments with your friends and family', says Dufossé, 'Opn is redefining relationships between the user and product, creating a whole new range of experiences. Its potential is tremendous'.

Opn will be launched by Pernod Ricard in early 2018. Until then, Opn will be showcased at CES in Las Vegas (5-8 January, 2017) stand 40 164 in the Tech West Smart Home Area.


About BIG

Created in 2012, Pernod Ricard's Breakthrough Innovation Group (BIG) is a team of 10 people based in Paris. Its goal is to invent the future of conviviality by developing new products and services which will radically change and enhance the consumer's experience.


Contacts (BIG)

Alain Dufossé - BIG Director

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Tristan Capelier - OPN Manager

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Apolline Celeyron - Press Relations

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