Pernod Ricard to feature nutritional information on all its strategic brands

Press Release 14/03/2017

All of its international strategic spirits brands have already published nutritional information pages on their respective websites, as well as most of its wine and champagne brands and strategic local brands. A website address, often associated with a QR code and providing access to nutritional information, is, or will gradually be, included on the label of all bottles. Group-wide, 85% of these web pages are already online; the remaining 15% will be available before the end of 2017.

Pernod Ricard Group, to be even more consistent in this approach ' which it started several months ago and is unique on such a large scale in the industry ' has adopted a standardised layout for the strategic brands' various websites, using tables that show calories as well as other key useful nutritional data. To improve consumer understanding and provide access to the most relevant information, content is expressed per 10g unit of alcohol but also by the quantity most common to each product type (e.g. 150 ml for Campo Viejo wine, 25 ml for Cognac Martell or Chivas whisky, etc.). This adjustment allows a diversity of consumption patterns to be reflected and helps consumers make responsible choices.

'Digital technology is an extraordinary tool that enhances our interaction with consumers', explains Alexandre Ricard, Chair and CEO of Pernod Ricard. 'An increasing number of consumers want clear, useful information about the products they consume. They can now access information concerning all our strategic products any time, anywhere'.

This Group initiative echoes the European Commission's communication dated 13 March 2017 inviting industry producers to ensure appropriate nutritional information messages are displayed on all alcoholic beverages. More broadly, it is in line with the commitments taken in 2013 by Pernod Ricard and other leading global producers of beer, wine and spirits, all members of IARD and who collectively signed a 5-commitment program for responsible drinking, including better consumer information. For more information on the progress made by Pernod Ricard and its affiliates in the 5 industry commitments, please visit The Smart Barometer at:

The table below lists some of the Group's strategic brands' websites which already have nutritional information available online: 

Strategic International Brands

  1. Chivas:
  2. Jameson:
  3. Absolut:
  4. Martell:
  5. Mumm:
  6. Havana Club:
  7. Ricard:
  8. Malibu:

Strategic Wines

  1. Jacobs Creek:
  2. Campo Viejo:

Strategic Local Brands

  1. Kahlua:
  2. Wyborowa:
  3. Ararat:
  4. Ramazzotti:

Other brands

  1. JP Wiser's:
  2. Azpilicueta:
  3. Avion:






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