Discover Havana Club rumba sessions: La Clave

Article 11/03/2016

A documentary taking you deep into the heartbeat of Cuban Rumba


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Havana Club deepens its commitment to share Cuban culture with the world with a new film and album project that digs up the roots of rumba.

RumbaRumba: a mythical afro-cuban percussion-based genre 

Last summer, Havana Club sent BBC radio host and curator of the Havana Cultura album series, Gilles Peterson, on a quest to unearth the mysteries ofrumba ' a mythical Afro-Cuban percussion-based genre from which Cuban music is considered to have evolved.

He was accompanied on his search by ethnomusicologist Crispin Robinson, filmmaker Charlie Inman, and Cuban singer Daymé Arocena. 

The outcome of this musical road trip is a feature-length documentary entitledHavana Club Rumba Sessions: La Clave, in reference to both rumba's core instrument and the Spanish word for 'key'.


The film taps into the island's rich Afro-Cuban traditions and colonial past to retrace the history of this genre that has influenced Cuban music and - by extension - Latin and other world sounds. 


RumbaA compilation of remixes created from Guaganco Yambu and Columbia

A second leg of the project is a compilation of remixes by electronic producers from different geographies created from studio recordings of the three basic rumba styles: guaguancó, yambú and columbia.

The aim is to show rumba's versatility and capacity to dialogue across time and space with other genres. 

Havana Club Rumba Sessions: La Clavehas been screened at cinemas and music venues in London, Toronto, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and Brighton.

Upcoming screenings include Berlin, Rome, Milan, Brussels and Paris. 



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