Availability of preparatory documents for the Combined General Meeting (Ordinary and Extraordinary sessions) of 27 November 2020

Press Release 09/11/2020

The evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic has led the French government to take new measures to limit its spread and protect our citizens. In order to comply with the ban on collective gatherings now in force, and in application of Order n°2020-321 of 25 March 2020, Pernod Ricard regretfully announces that, as an exceptional measure, its 2020 Shareholders' Meeting will be held behind closed doors, without the shareholders being present. Accordingly, no admission card will be issued. 


This Shareholders' Meeting will be held on 27 November 2020 at 2:00 p.m. at the new Pernod Ricard registered office located at 5 cours Paul Ricard, 75008 Paris.


The preliminary notice of meeting comprising the agenda and the draft resolutions was published in the Bulletin des Annonces Légales Obligatoires (BALO) n°128 of 23 October 2020 and the notice of meeting in the BALO n°135 of 9 November 2020 and in Les Petites Affiches, a journal of legal notices. These notices include information on how to attend and vote at the Combined General Meeting.


Information and documents pertaining to the Combined General Meeting are available in the General Shareholders' Meeting / 2020 General Shareholders' Meeting section of Pernod Ricard's website: https://www.pernod-ricard.com/en/investors/our-financial-information.  

In accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, and in light of the current health situation, the Shareholders' Meeting documents that are available to the shareholders can be provided upon request by sending an email to the address set up specifically for the Shareholders' Meeting: agpr2020@pernod-ricard.com, or by calling the Shareholder Services on 0800 880 953.

Documents listed in Article R.225-73-1 of the French Commercial Code are available on Pernod Ricard's website: https://www.pernod-ricard.com/en/investors/our-financial-information, in the General Shareholders' Meeting / 2020 General Shareholders' Meeting section since 6 November 2020, the twenty-first day that precedes the General Meeting.


In accordance with applicable regulatory provisions:

'    any shareholder holding registered shares may, up to the fifth day, inclusive, prior to the General Meeting, request these documents to be sent by the Company. For shareholders holding bearer shares, the exercise of this right is subject to the submission of a shareholding certificate delivered by their financial intermediary;
'    any shareholder may request the sending of these documents by sending a request by e-mail to the following address: agpr2020@pernod-ricard.com.  

Shareholders' agenda: FY21 half-year results ' 11 February, 2021


Shareholder Service    0 800 880 953


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