Published On 07/17/2017

Maison Mumm and its new CEO Usain Bolt Dare Win and Celebrate the New York ePrix

Held this last weekend at Brooklyn Harbor, the prestigious New York races were an opportunity for Maison Mumm – FIA Formula E’s official champagne partner – and its ambassador Usain Bolt to celebrate the pioneering spirit of this new chapter in motor sport.

As the official partner of motor-racing’s exciting new Formula E circuit, Maison Mumm brought its signature Dare Win Celebrate spirit to New York City last weekend, for the ninth and tenth races in this year’s ePrix calendar. Mumm’s participation was energized by the virtual presence of its new CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer), Usain Bolt. The fastest man in the world paid tribute to the future of motor racing in two daring installations, cementing Mumm’s reputation as an innovative icon of victory.

In Brooklyn, special guests at the glittering Eprix opening party looked on in wonder, as Mumm hijacked the event with a stunning and high technology projection on the buildings around the track. In the jaw-dropping film, Usain sabers a jeroboam of Mumm Grand Cordon, then jumps into a Formula E car to race its flying cork in a dazzling video animation with special lighting effects. After overtaking the cork, he emerges from the car to catch it before it hits the ground. Thanks to Formula E, the fastest man on earth just got even faster.

Initiated as Mumm’s CEO since last November, Usain is taking the lead in creating unique and daring ways to redefine the art of celebration for Mumm’s customers throughout the world. His appointment is a perfect illustration of the Maison’s pioneering spirit, demonstrating its natural inclination to be bold and do the unexpected. That spirit was in full view last night, as Usain Bolt and Mumm took the Formula E world by storm with a spectacular tribute to this new chapter in motor racing history.


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