Published On 05/02/2016

The legacy of YAC 1st gen

It is with both pride and sadness that the inaugural promotion of the Youth Action Council (YAC) marks the end of their 2-year mandate!

The YAC : the voice of the younger generations at Pernod Ricard

The YAC (Youth Action Council) was founded by a group of young Pernod Ricard employees who in 2013 with the idea of setting up a committee that would be the voice of the younger generations to the Group’s Top Management. The YAC is sponsored by Alexandre Ricard and Pernod Ricard University.

YAC'S innovative global projects

Read this infographic and below for more information on the YAC four global projects


In a year and half, the YAC has been hard at work to launch innovative global projects to Pernod Ricard impacting a wide-range of our business priorities: from talent development, sustainability to digital. 

Pernod Ricard Youth Network: 

Launched in 2015, it aims to provide Youth Ambassadors (30 years old and under) to local affiliates – a team available to both the Global YAC and Local Top Management to implement a wide range of projects (HR, CSR, Youth Council/Mentoring, etc.).
At launch, the network was comprised already of 186 Youth Ambassadors, 55 affiliates with 44 nationalities and 58% female. The network has since grown even more locally. "Host a new Friend Every Day"

Bringing 21st century conviviality to our Group, this Pernod Ricard AirBnB-like platform launched in April allows employees to host, rent or swap their homes or simply share a drink when travelling.
If used for business travel, Pernod Ricard will contribute to a Social Entrepreneurship fund.

Global Exchange

A 6-month international job exchange program to be piloted in 2016-2017 with many benefits for the Group: easy HR implementation, better affiliate differences understanding, diversity through the ability to gain international exposure earlier in the career, and building our Employer Brand.

L'héritage du YAC 1ère genCircular Economy

A very long-term project to embed this bold notion to our business – nothing gets lost. To start, we have completed an audit of our Group to find out if we had any current CE practices in the business and then determined five project objectives. We are currently already testing small but innovative pilots in three affiliates: Corby, The Absolut Company and Pernod Ricard Rouss.

The YAC was also the opportunity for the promotion to represent the Youth of Pernod Ricard globally from global external conferences such as One Young World Dublin & Bangkok and Change Agents Leaders Forum to internal meetings such as the HR, CSR and Communication Functional Meetings and Top Management Seminar.

The end of the YAC First Generation mandate however does not mark the end of the YAC: stay tuned to hear more about the Second Generation this year!

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