Responsible Hosting

Responsible Hosting

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Safe Drinking

Like the Pernod Ricard Group as a whole, we are aware that the misuse of alcohol can cause significant problems for individuals and communities, and we take our role in preventing the harmful use of alcohol very seriously. To this end, we are a founding member of The Portman Group, a body for the responsible marketing and promotion of alcoholic products in the UK, a principal sponsor of the Best Bar None scheme to reward responsible premises, and a key funder of the leading UK alcohol education charity Drinkaware.
responsible party project

Responsible Party

In the framework of the group-wide Responsible Party programme to raise awareness about responsible alcohol consumption, in the UK, to reduce alcohol-related harm in young people, we partnered with the Erasmus Student Network and the National Union of Students to run four Responsible Parties in Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Leicester, with over 1000 students participating.


Discover what you need to know about smart drinking, from alcohol units to health effects, to make an informed choice.