Pernod Ricard Launches Innovative New Responsible Party Campaign: “Drink More…Water

Press Release 29/07/2021

"Drink More...Water"


Pernod Ricard is today launching a new and innovative global digital campaign through its Responsible Party initiative, aimed at tackling the issue of binge drinking, with a simple and universal call to action – to “Drink More…Water”.

As social lives gradually return to normal after 16 months of restrictions due to the pandemic, the Responsible Party program, which has been engaged in the prevention of alcohol misuse by young adults since 2009, has intensified its efforts to coincide with the reopening of bars, clubs and restaurants. The digital campaign is being spearheaded by a 50 second hero film created by award-winning digital agency Buzzman.

The campaign aims to connect with the Gen Z audience by not shying away from showing the unpleasant, embarrassing and harmful consequences of alcohol abuse. Featuring snapshots of what can happen when people drink to excess, the campaign appears to encourage them to “Drink More”, before revealing at the end of the video the true message – “Drink More…Water”. 

The “Drink More…Water” campaign is based on the Responsible Party Program’s main drivers: to persuade young adults that there is no fun in excessive drinking and to empower them to make the right choices for themselves, thanks to a peer-to-peer approach. Responsible Party launched its first digital prevention campaign, “Sharing Good Vibes”, at the start of the pandemic in April 2020, to continue raising awareness at a difficult time. Over a six-month period, the campaign reached 6 million people in 30 countries. 

As “Créateurs de Convivialité”, Pernod Ricard has a long-standing commitment to promoting responsible drinking and through this campaign has demonstrated its desire to always go a step further.

"Drink More...Water"