Monkey 47 Unveils 2021 Distiller’s Cut: Scarlet Monarda

Press Release 24/09/2021

  • The World’s Top Trending Gin[1] selects local species rara for annual limited-edition release


Monkey 47



In concocting its one-of-a-kind Distiller’s Cut for 2021, Monkey 47 has once again pushed the boundaries of what’s possible by turning carefully selected botanicals into a limited-edition that thrills the senses and will set the hearts of bartenders and gin enthusiasts racing.

The complex and intricate process involved adding scarlet monarda to Monkey 47’s classic 47 ingredients and distilling them for a second time. The macerate was then left to mature for three months in earthenware vessels, before being combined with spring water from the Black Forest.

The Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut 2021 is a smooth and elegant dry gin with a refined, yet spicy top note and a hint of lemon, making it not just a treat for those who love the scent of bergamot. The 2021 bottle features a bright red label, which takes its inspiration from the scarlet monarda lush red colour, and is presented in a gift box made from FSC[2] paper that truly reflects the wunderbar quality and rich heritage of Monkey 47.

Louise Ryan, Managing Director for The Gin Hub, comments: “Monkey 47 has had a fantastic year growing +5% and accelerating to +64% in Q4 of FY21. This is a true testament to how loved the brand is by gin enthusiasts around the world and we are sure the 2021 Distiller’s Cut will not disappoint.”

The latest venture led the Black Forest Distillery team just around the corner to the Keltenhof, a farmstead run by Gerhard Daumüller a few kilometres away. Fully committed to the old saying that you reap what you sow, Alexander Stein joined Herr Daumüller and his farmhands in picking the bright red gold for this year’s Distiller’s Cut. He also plucked scarlet monarda for drying back at the Schaberhof farmstead in the Black Forest, which is necessary before each precious petal finds its way into the Monkey 47 macerate.

Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut 2021 will be available to buy via the and due to the limited number available, all those wishing to purchase an exclusive bottle will be entered into a raffle drawn on 6th October 2021. RRP: 69. A limited number of bottles will also be available in high-end retailers in the brand’s key markets.


[1] Drinks International Annual Brands Report 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017

[2] Forest Management Certification: sustainably sourced materials from forests that are managed by strict FSC principles and criteria


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