Absolut makes a powerful statement about equality… without saying a word

Press Release 07/05/2020

  • Absolut explores equality in 2017 with a beautiful short film titled ‘Equal Love’
  • Absolut partners with Britain’s largest LGBTQ charity Stonewall to raise awareness and funds for them to advance LGBTQ equality internationally

With Pride season underway in Britain, Absolut is celebrating everything this season represents with the launch of a new film, ‘Equal Love’, a new limited-edition Rainbow bottle and a partnership with Stonewall. The film which launches online this week features a never-ending kiss, symbolising freedom, self-expression, and an equal world accepting of all people. Watch the film at: https://www.youtube.com/user/absolut

The kisses seen in the film transcend sexual preference, gender, race and profession, and instead become a testament to equal love. The film reflects Absolut’s belief that people should be free to love who they choose and builds on the brand’s progressive views and ongoing mission of championing equal love with a longer-term message of ‘Create a Better Tomorrow, Tonight’.