Launch of Chivas XV – the perfect whiskey for special moments of celebration

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Article 04/06/2021

Famous worldwide brand Chivas Regal is shaking up the Scotch whisky category with the launch of Chivas XV - a 15 year old blend whiskey created to be enjoyed as part of a high-energy, celebratory moment.

After 15 years of waiting, the moment came for Chivas XV to shine with its full splendour in the company of true friends.

At the Unleash Your Gold theme party, the ambience was exuding a festive atmosphere and energy, exactly the one for which the new Chivas XV blend was specially created. The guests, in black and gold interior, had the opportunity to enjoy the performance of jazz band Freecats and DJ Mimi, and Nina Badrić was in charge of the great atmosphere. With her presence and voice, she additionally threw gold dust on the whole event.

The “Unleash Your Gold” party brought together numerous representatives of the business community, media and celebrities, including TV host Maria Kilibarda, model and entrepreneur Dusan Šušnjar and others.