Sustainability & Responsibility in Russia

Sustainability & Responsibility in Russia

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Our areas of development

Pernod Ricard Russia's Sustainability & Responsibility activities align with the Group's global strategy, while taking into consideration the specifics of our market. Our initiatives focus on four areas:

1. Responsible Consumption:

  • Promoting a culture of sober driving
  • Promoting responsible alcohol consumption among young people over 18
  • Responsible product marketing
  • Informing the consumer about the dangers of alcohol

2. Reducing Waste:

  • Implementation of green office and environmental initiatives in the company's warehouses

3. Valuing People:

  • Recognising the value of cultural diversity and countering discrimination
  • Development of the bartending community
  • Responsible purchasing

4. Preserving Wildlife:

  • Partnership with WWF to preserve the snow leopard in Altai
  • Implementation of a project in the field of biodiversity conservation in the region 

Auto Sobriety

Social project aimed at preventing drunk driving. It is an interactive educational course for drivers, made to increase their knowledge of the effects of alcohol on the body, the risks and dangers of drunk driving, legal requirements and the responsibilities of drivers. 

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Pernod Ricard Russia's Preserving the Snow Leopard program

Preserving the snow leopard

A joint project of Pernod Ricard and the World Wildlife Fund for the conservation of the snow leopard (irbis) in Altai, where in 1993 the first Pernod Ricard office in Russia was opened.

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Perera Bottle logo

PereraBOTTLE project

A pilot project to collect glassware from bars for recycling in order to reduce the burden on the environment and draw attention to the problem. Within a month of the project's implementation, 20 venues in Moscow collected over 21 tons of glass for recycling.

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Pernod Ricard Power of Spirits program

Power of Spirits

The training, developed together with Roman Toroshchin Center, is devoted to the legal, psychological, and environmental aspects of working in a bar. As part of the course, bartenders learn how to work responsibly with alcohol, conserve resources, and reduce waste in the establishment, which will make their work more ethical and reduce the negative impact on the environment. 

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