Published On 06/14/2017

The Group mitigated carbon emissions from participants air travel at the Embiez meeting

On the occasion of the Les Embiez Conference 2017, the Group has wished to contribute in protecting the planet by participating in a clean energy project in China led by EcoAct organization. Our goal? Mitigate the impact of participant’s transports to the Island.

This project is in line with our S&R strategies as it not only reducing carbon emissions but also supporting local families.

  1. Reduce carbon emissions in China

In China, Families are still using coal for cooking which generates important CO2 emissions, inside air pollution and also high costs. This project aims at installing biodigestors for 2 000 families so that they can use the biogas produced for cooking, hence reducing CO2 emissions, increasing sanitary conditions and reducing costs for these rural families.

  1. Support local families

By selling 1 500 t of CO2 credits, the equivalent of 1 000 participants travelling to Les Embiez, the Group contributes financially to this project by supporting families in the procurement and maintenance of these biodigestors.

This new partnership adds to continuous collaborations held by the Group since 2010 with Carbon free experts in connection with Les Embiez Conference.

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