Louise Laborie

Louise Laborie

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To support art and young artists, Pernod Ricard partnered with EnsAD to create an international programme of residency commissions. Miyuka Schipfer went to China, Clément Clausse to Scotland, and Louise Laborie travelled to the United States.

The three young artists met the local teams, spent time at production sites, met customers and immersed themselves in brand experiences. Each produced 20 illustrations which are featured in the Group’s 2023 annual report.

Miyuka Schipfer

Residency location: China

Miyuka is a French-Japanese artist based in Paris. Her work explores cultural habits and their aesthetic integration into today’s world, and is based on live drawing – inspired by capturing relatives, intimate surroundings and environments.

My work is based on live drawing, inspired by capturing relatives, surroundings and environments. The contrast between The Chuan Distillery, in the foothills of Emeishan mountain, and the big city headquarters of Shenzhen and Shanghai showed me the architectural singularity of these sites.

Miyuka SchipferMiyuka Schipfer


Clément Clausse

Residency location: Scotland

Clément is an artist and engraver whose work embraces all stages of book design and image printing, whether handmade or digital. He also leads the engraving workshop at Prep’art Paris.

Observational drawing is the starting point for my work, whether that’s a place, an atmosphere or a person. In Scotland, I mainly concentrated on the people I was able to meet, their gestures within their workplace, the tools and machines they used as well as the places specific to the different distilleries.

Clément ClausseClément Clausse


Louise Laborie

Residency location: USA

Louise studied illustration at the École des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, before discovering comics while on exchange in New York City. Her work explores reality and the imaginary through narrative and wistful images.

During my residency I experienced three very different distilleries. These resonated with my visual expression, which is inspired by Hollywood film aesthetics, the covers of the New Yorker and American cartoonists of the 1980s. I drew a lot on-site, blending in and soaking up its daily life, and it was very rewarding to highlight the jobs and skills that often live in the shadows.

Louise LaborieLouise Laborie