Ysios, in the Basque foothills of the Sierra Cantabria, is known for its winery designed by Santiago Calatrava as an ‘ongoing dialogue with nature’.

This same is true of its winemaking, which relies on small-plot vineyards, handmade craftmanship and minimal intervention to produce nuanced, elegant reserve wines that are a singular expression of the unique Rioja terroir.

Ysios has been part of Pernod Ricard since 2016. 

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Featured Ysios products

Ysios Blanco

Our Blanco de Cabezadas comes from Viura vines planted in the upper parts of the vineyards by our ancestors, to seek balance in the ripening of the different varieties that can be found in the vineyard.

Ysios Los Prados

Ysios Los Prados reflects a true sense of place in a wine of pleasant freshness and good structure.

Ysios Las Naves

Finca Las Naves captures our deep respect for the winemaking heritage of our region, from a century-old vineyard.

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