Founded in Milan in 1815, Ramazzotti is the oldest genuine house of amaro (‘bitter’ in Italian), a traditional Italian herbal liqueur. Still based on the original formula, its blend of 33 aromatic botanicals includes Calabrian oranges, cinchona, rhubarb, gentian and star anise. Today Ramazzotti, part of Pernod Ricard since 1985, has a range including digestives, aperitifs and sweet liqueurs that all express ‘la dolce vita’.

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The original digestif, made according to Ausano Ramazzotti’s famous recipe of 33 aromatic herbs & roots, and unchanged since 1815. 

Il Premio

Combine the fruity and spicy taste of Amaro Ramazzotti with the sinuosity and softness of the Nebbiolo Riserva grappa and you can savor the magical notes of Il Premio Ramazzotti.

Aperitivo Rosato

The last innovation of Ramazzotti. Aperitivo Rosato is a mixable bitter aperitif with unique taste and aroma. It is characterised by the fresh notes of hibiscus and fruity notes of orange blossoms.

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