ARARAT is the True Armenian brandy produced with deep respect for the traditions and high standards of quality - the continual pursuit of excellence since 1887. The leader in the Armenian brandy category, ARARAT is exported to international market and has large distribution across 30 countries around the world.

History and Know-how

The biography of the first Armenian ARARAT brandy is a history of generosity, passion and craftsmanship. The culture of winemaking in Armenia goes back centuries, and the Armenian brandy that is famous around the world today appeared at the end of the 19th century.  

The ARARAT range, authentic union of human talent and generous nature – made exclusively from local Armenian grapes, created from the thinnest brandy heart fraction, aged in centuries-old Caucasian oak casks, is a hand-made beverage born through the passionate work of hundreds of masters of the Yerevan Brandy Company.

Range and Tasting

ARARAT range includes qualities from the youngest three-year-old ARARAT “Three Stars” to the precious 30-year-old blend ARARAT Erebuni.

ARARAT range is composed of three segments: Standard (ARARAT «Three Stars», ARARAT «Five Stars»), Premium (Ani, Otborny, Akhtamar), Super Premium (Vaspurakan, Nairi), Ultra-Premium (Erebuni) and Exclusive collection (Dvin, Armenia, ARARAT 25).

Each of them has its own smooth and rich taste with notes of dried fruits, hazelnut and spices, aroma of fresh orange peels and deep aftertaste.

packshot Ararat

ARARAT range

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