Ararat is a traditional Armenian brandy with a history that dates back to 1887. Made with a unique variety of white grapes from the Ararat Valley and aged in centuries-old Caucasian oak casks, the cognac-style brandy has a smooth, rich taste with notes of dried fruits, hazelnut and spices. The product of a union of savoir-faire and the generosity of nature, Ararat has been part of the Pernod Ricard group since 1999.

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Three year old “Three Stars” ARARAT brandy is the youngest and most daring in the range. It is distinguished by its lively and spicy aroma of flowering fruit trees and an intense, slightly burning taste with notes of fresh home baking.

Akhtamar 10 Years Old

Ten year old ARARAT Akhtamar is the most emotional and artistic of the brandies. Its elegant bouquet is dominated by seductive notes of plum, complemented by hints of beeswax and walnut.

Erebuni 30 Year Old

The precious blend of ARARAT Erebuni 30-year-old brandy features exquisite fragrance and velvety flavor.

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