Method & Madness


Method and Madness is an ultra-premium range that is pushing the boundaries of Irish spirits. Uniting expertise and experimentation, in 2017 Midleton’s micro-distillery launched four new generation whiskies to acclaim at the Irish Whiskey Awards. In 2019, it released a Method and Madness Irish gin infused with 16 botanicals, including black lemon and Irish gorse flowers. Inspired spirits that go beyond the bounds of tradition.

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Featured Method & Madness products


Irish Micro Distilled Gin

This Irish Micro Distilled Gin contains 16 eclectic botanicals led by Black Lemon and Irish Gorse flower; giving it notes of citrus and spice with a measure of chaos.


Single Grain

A Single Grain whiskey aged in Virgin Spanish Oak, with a taste of gentle wood spice playing off the natural sweetness of the grain.


Single Malt

A Single Malt whiskey with light perfume notes giving way to dry barley and ice cream cone wafer.

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