Jefferson’s whiskey, produced in Kentucky, is a symbol of curiosity and the experimental spirit. Embracing innovation, the brand uses techniques such as aging at sea and original wood combinations to create its top-rated bourbon blend. Founded in 1997, Jefferson’s has been part of Pernod Ricard since 2019.

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Featured Jefferson's products


Jefferson's Very Small Batch

An approachable, easy-drinking and smooth bourbon whiskey that’s perfect whether enjoyed neat or in a cocktail, and enjoyed both by connoisseurs and people new to the premium bourbon market.


Jefferson's Reserve

The oldest and most robust bourbon whiskey in the core Jefferson’s family, our Reserve is a perfect example of the artistry of blending.


Jefferson's Ocean

Fully aged bourbon that is hyper-aged at Sea on ships that cross the Equator up to 4 times, visit 5 Continents, and anchor at over 25 ports on an average sailing.

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