Absolut Elyx


Absolut Elyx is a handcrafted vodka that has earned its description as liquid silk. On its release in 2013, it was voted ‘Best Vodka in the World’.

Made from winter wheat from just one estate and pure Swedish water, Absolut Elyx is distilled in a vintage copper still from 1921 operated entirely by hand by skilled masters. This unique process creates a vodka with unparalleled purity and flavour and an exceptionally silky mouthfeel.

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Absolut Elyx

Elyx is forged from the same DNA as Absolut vodka. Culture, tradition, location and even production techniques are shared, but then elevated to produce a vodka unlike any other.

Nutritional Information


Typical Values Per 10G Alcohol Per Serving*
Calories (KCAL) 70 78
Total Fat (G) 0 0
– Saturates (G) 0 0
Carbohydrates (G) 0 0
Sugar (G) 0 0
Proteins (G) 0 0
Salt 0 0

* Serving = 35ml

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