Our Community

In order to bring "Good Times from a Good Place", we take inspiration from our core values of conviviality and entrepreneurial spirit to work within our local communities and to support social entrepreneurs. Recently we have launched our Know Your Neighbour Network in partnership with The Cares Family charity, with the objective of using conviviality to champion connections and "togetherness". We also work closely with Social Starters - a social enterprise which exists to cultivate and support other emerging social enterprises - to offer two skills-based volunteering programmes which allow our employees to share their expertise and knowledge in a socially beneficial and rewarding way. All Pernod Ricard UK employees are entitled to take up to 3 days of volunteering leave out of the 350 days available to the business. Alongside the global business, we all participate in our annual Responsib'ALL day which sees over 18,000 employees around the world simultaneously spend the day volunteering. 

Through our Force for Good programme, we are continuing our quest to bring conviviality to everything we do, by supporting local communities and social entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurial spirit is one of our key values and so, we are championing businesses that have a positive social or environmental impact. Employees have the option to mentor or help troubleshoot a business challenge, using their business skills and experience to make a real difference.

We also offer our employees ‘Volunteering Leave’ to support a charity of their choice. This allows them to not only support causes close to their hearts, but also to meet new people while having a positive impact.

Responsib’All Day 

Responsib’All Day is a world-wide initiative from Pernod Ricard launched in 2011. For one day every year, 19,000 employees stop their daily activities to actively take part in our commitment to sustainability. In June 2019, over 1,100 colleagues from across the business took part in a variety of circular transformation activities across the UK helping our local communities. 


To find out more about what we got up to watch the video below. 

Our Responsib’All Day 2017

1 day. 250 employees. 10 local community projects completed. An incredible energy.

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