Built on a loyal following of “those in the know”, Redbreast is considered the definitive expression of the traditional Irish spirit.

History & Know-How

Redbreasts name was bestowed by the bird-loving chairman of W & A Gilbey, as a nod to the Robin’s red breast and the sherry-influenced tint on the whiskey.

Redbreast holds the honour of surviving the whiskey bonder era — a time when distilleries sold whiskey directly to bonders to mature, bottle and label. A few shifty profiteers ruined it for the bunch, watering down their whiskey, and the distilleries had no choice but to end the practice. Fortunately, an honest reputation and a loyal following made Redbreast one of the very few bonder brands that endured, making it an exception to the rule in every way

In short

No.1 selling Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey in the world.

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