Our strategy




Our strategy is based on a vision, "Créateurs de Convivialité" of which the 18.500 employees are the foremost ambassadors.


Our Vision


Créateurs de Convivialité : At Pernod Ricard,

« Convivialité » is our business and our raison d’être.


“Make a new friend every day.” That motto, voiced by Paul Ricard, was the inspiration for our tagline, “Creators of Convivialité”. Convivialité is our business and our raison d’être. Our goal is to encourage people to go out in search of friends old and new, because those day-to-day encounters create a better world. We’re all enriched by the differences we find in others. That tagline is intended as a call to action, inviting each of our 18,500 employees to place a Pernod Ricard brand at every one of those encounters to make it a “convivial experience” – a simple, genuine, direct and authentic shared moment that brings sincere happiness.

It’s ideally suited to the new generation of consumers – Millennials – who have more opportunities to meet up with friends and acquaintances than ever before, thanks to digital tools. Moreover, it requires that we rethink our operating strategy, by making moments of consumption, those convivial experiences, our point of entry into the market. Millennials take a different approach to brand loyalty: they no longer stick with a single brand for every occasion. Instead, they draw on a range of brands, each tied to a specific moment of convivialité.

Our ambition


Global industry leadership : By fulfilling our vision, we will become the global industry leader


If we succeed in becoming “creators of convivialité”, placing one of our brands at each moment of convivialité, Pernod Ricard will inevitably become the global leader of the Wine & Spirits industry. That leadership ambition is underpinned by the Pernod Ricard Mindset : a conquering team spirit and collective desire to come out on top. To be the future leader, we need to begin acting like a leader – like a company that moves the goalposts, that challenges the status quo. These growth drivers will make the difference in an extremely competitive environment.


Our missions


Value creation and commitment to share it : It is our responsibility to create the conditions for lasting, shared value creation that builds a better world : “let’s live together, better”


Convivialité means shared get-togethers, transparency, and trust. So it’s integral to our long-term approach to creating value. There can be no lasting value creation unless the value we generate is shared with all our stakeholders, starting with our employees but also including our local communities, our customers and consumers, our suppliers and our shareholders.

That policy is enhanced by Pernod Ricard’s family roots, which ensure that long-term strategy is inseparable from the love of sharing. Therefore, it is our responsibility to create the conditions for lasting, shared value creation that collectively benefits those we serve. By inviting our communities to forge genuine connections, we become better, and that helps the world live better in turn. This philosophy is expressed in our corporate motto: “Let’s live better together”.


Our strategic model


100% consumer centric :

Our strategic model is directly linked to our vision “Créateurs de convivialité” and highlights the priorities that must be implemented to achieve our ambition.

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