Our Model / Our 4 Commitments

A responsibility founded on four pillars


Our Sustainability & Responsibility model is based first and foremost on one principle: the commitment of our 18,500 employees, all of them citizens acting in their own communities. Their sincere personal commitment is the principal mark of our credibility. This strategy is implemented in accordance with the decentralisation model: initiatives that are primarily local but still connected with the Group’s global priorities.

Our CSR Strategy. Responsibility supported by one conviction: let’s live together, better

Our Sustainability & Responsibility strategy is at the heart of our “creators of convivialité” tagline, our consumer-centric focus and our decentralised organisation. Convivialité means meeting up with others as part of a culture of sharing that rules out excess. We operate with the conviction that success is worthwhile only when it is shared by all, for the benefit of each of our communities. That process of generating collective value can only be carried out over time. We are able to embrace that long-term perspective thanks to our family roots, reflected in the legacy we pass on to future generations. “Let’s live together, better”: that’s the motto behind our Sustainability & Responsibility commitment. Today it represents one of our four strategic essentials, what we call “Brand-Positive Impact”: the ability of each of our brands to contribute to a better world.

A responsibility rooted in our heritage

Sustainability & Responsibility is not a recent discovery at Pernod Ricard. It’s the outgrowth of 50 years of activism by the Group’s founders. First Paul Ricard, who in 1966, on the island of Les Embiez, created the Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute (IOPR), which today plays an active role in promoting our knowledge and protection of marine environments. In 1971, Jean Hémard – at that time the Chairman of Pernod SA – founded the Institute for Scientific Research on Beverages (IREB), which later became the Foundation for Alcohol Research (FRA), a laboratory that plays host to high-level researchers and serves as a resource for sharing knowledge about alcohol.

A certified responsibility

Pernod Ricard was among the first to submit its Sustainability & Responsibility commitments for ISO 26000 certification. The Group’s goal was to assess its Sustainability & Responsibility strategy and initiatives against those of the industry at large and the expectations of its stakeholders. The data was then scrutinised in light of the ISO 26000 criteria. In 2012, after several months of interviews conducted at our various affiliates, a panel of independent experts issued its credibility report. That report confirmed the Group’s commitment and its adoption of Sustainability & Responsibility policies, and identified areas for future improvement. Meanwhile, 95 of our 101 production sites are now certified compliant with the ISO 14001 environmental standard. Pernod Ricard S&R’s approach is as well recognized by well-established CSR Rating agencies. According to Vigeo Eiris’ September 2016 assessment, Pernod Ricard is ranked No 1, making it the world leader for corporate responsibility in the Beverage industry. Since December 2014, Pernod Ricard is also part of the Euronext Vigeo Eiris ‘Eurozone 120’ and ‘Europe 120’ indices. The Group is as well classified by Oekom as a « Prime » company in CSR – this status is given to only 7,3% of the companies analysed, demonstrating CSR Leadership in the industry. Furthermore, Pernod Ricard is also included in two major CSR indexes: the FTSE4Good and the Ethibel Sustainability (ESI) Excellence Europe and Global – it demonstrates the Group’s strong environment social and governance practices.

Responsibility across the planet

Since 2003, Pernod Ricard has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact and has implemented its ten principles regarding human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. In accordance with the Global Compact’s mandates, each year the Group submits a Communication on Progress (CoP), which describes the efforts made internally to comply with those ten principles. Pernod Ricard respects the International Labour Conventions governing fundamental rights at work. In light with its long-lasting commitment, Pernod Ricard announced in 2016 its support for the UN Sustainable Development Goals and selected 14 SDGs where its impact can be the greatest. It is a unique opportunity for all stakeholders to conduct their efforts into the same direction to make the world a better place.