Published On 06/11/2018

With Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar, life in space will never be the same again

In keeping with its long history of innovation, Maison Mumm has risen to a bold new challenge: reinventing the champagne tasting ritual for the new frontier of space and zero gravity.

Countdown to lift-off
In September 2018, Maison Mumm will launch Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar: a groundbreaking feat of technology that makes it possible for astronauts and space travelers to enjoy champagne in zero gravity. The fruit of a three-year partnership with Spade - a young agency specialised in space design - Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar employs a revolutionary new bottle and glass concept to transform life in space, making a unique champagne ritual available to even those light years away from planet Earth. 

Without gravity, the bottle design uses the champagne's pressure to expel the wine into a ring-shaped frame, where it is concentrated into a cluster of bubbles. It can then be passed to someone and released into the air, where it floats until gathered up in a specially designed glass. 

It doesn’t stop there. In the unique conditions of zero gravity, Mumm Grand Cordon takes on a new and unexpected taste. Upon leaving the bottle, the wine appears as an effervescent ball of foam. When the champagne enters the mouth, the foam transforms into liquid. "It's a very surprising feeling," explains Mumm's Cellar Master Didier Mariotti. "Because of zero gravity, the liquid instantly coats the entire inside of the mouth, magnifying the taste sensations. There's less fizziness and more roundness and generosity, enabling the wine to express itself fully." 

Entering orbit
Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar will soon likely be served to participants in zero gravity flights organised by Novespace, with discussions in place to supply it to future space missions and commercial space flights. This will also be the motor for a new digital campaign titled “Find your next victory” in which participants submit out-of-world innovations, with the winning projects funded by Mumm. 

With Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar, Mumm's art of celebration will soon accompany daring achievers and space travellers in the new era of space exploration.

Stay tuned, more information to come soon.

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