Published On 01/31/2018

Message from Asbel Morales, Maestro del Ron Cubano – Havana Club

Asbel Morales, Maestro del Ron Cubano (Rum Master), shared the following message with his Cuban colleagues at Havana Club International. He kindly agreed for that message to be shared with our consumers.

Dear friends,

My heart, like yours, is hurting today  - the heart of a Maestro del Ron Cubano saddened by those who try to settle a dispute in the media. Just let judges do their job, and let’s not stoop to the dividing media controversy!

I would like to talk about our soul – this Cuban soul we all have within us. Some talk about lies; well, the truth is right there! Look at it around me! It’s the truth of our DNA, our roots, our terroir, our culture and what makes us Cuban. 

Everything here is genuinely Cuban – the air I breathe, the air our casks breathe in our cellars, the sugar cane grown on our ancestors’ land, all hands – your hands –crafting our rum. And Havana Club is “El Ron de Cuba”!

I also have a message for our aficionados –the ones who eventually decide whether they like our product or not, the true Cuban taste. More than a billion glasses of Havana Club are shared every year in 130 countries. We must strive to offer our consumers the best of Cuba, the best of ourselves. 

So is there anything better than inviting our American friends to come taste a glass of Havana Club, this rum full of pride, truth, and love that brings people together instead of dividing them? Because this is the soul of Cuba, and it lives within each and every one of us and it’s everywhere around us. We are looking forward to welcoming them here in Cuba, in La Havana, so that they experience it for themselves. 

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