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Raise young people’s voices at the highest level of the company. From talents’ development to sustainable development via digital, the Youth Action Council (YAC) is a think tank composed of nine employees under 30 years of age elected by their peers for a two-year term. Founded in 2014, its mission is to bring directly to the top management the Y generation vision on the Group’s strategic challenges.

The YAC’s members:

David Deka

Elyse Kirckhoff

Erica Dean

Ongeziwe Lupuwana

Sidonie Lefebure

Ashlee Thackeray

Fintan Collier

Jean Colatrella

Laura Nicole Newman

A short overview of the production of this ideas’ laboratory, it has succeeded in launching in less than two years innovative global projects affecting many of our business priorities. Below are a few examples:

One Young World :

In 2013, Pernod Ricard sends a first delegation of young employees to attend the annual conference of One Young World, a summit dedicated to the young leaders of tomorrow. Inspired by this forum, the group created in 2014 the YAC and continues to send, each year, a delegation to One Young World. YACs also have the opportunity to attend other international conferences such as Forbes Under 30 or the Millennials 20/20, as well as internal Human Resource (HR) meetings, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Communication, without forgetting the annual top management seminar on the island : les Embiez.

For the Youth Network :

The Youth Network was created in 2015 from the idea of ​​creating local relays for the YAC. Thus, 186 Youth Ambassadors (30 years and under) were recruited, representing 55 subsidiaries, 44 nationalities and 58% women, in order to relay locally the YAC projects but also to be available to the local CODI to implement a wide range of projects (HR, CSR, youth counseling / mentoring ...). This is how the "Walk a Mile" project was born: to learn more about colleagues and to improve inter-departmental exchanges, an employee has the opportunity to follow a colleague, from another department and another level of seniority, for a few days,.

HomeViviality : « Hosting a new friend every day » :

Reflecting 21st-century convivialité, Pernod Ricard’s HomeViviality.com platform operates on the Airbnb [MDB1] model. Established in April 2016, it lets employees host other Group employees on holiday or rent or trade their homes with co-workers worldwide – or simply find someone with whom to share a drink when they’re travelling. What’s more, if employees use the service while travelling on work-related business, Pernod Ricard makes a contribution to a social entrepreneurship fund.

Global exchange

Global Exchange :

This international, six-month job exchange programme (2016-2017) offers a host of advantages for the Group. It’s easily coordinated by human resources staff and gives employees a better understanding of the differences among affiliates, while promoting diversity and raising the worldwide profile of employees at an early stage in their career. It also serves to strengthen our brand as an employer.