Our functions

We offer a broad spectrum of career fields to grow professionally and personally; and above all, we are continually looking for entrepreneurial, passionate and creative profiles. Are you one of them? What are you waiting for?

Choisissez un métier


The success of Pernod Ricard is largely due to the preservation of traditional production techniques passed down through generations. The ability to blend methods that are several centuries old with new and advanced techniques is reserved for a small number of key roles. Our teams are guided by this desire to preserve our know-how and keep the premium touch with all our brands.

These teams permanently innovate to gain flexibility and time in an environment in constant flux. From Production, to Research & Development, through Purchasing, Supply Chain, Quality, Safety & Environment, our industrial teams strive to build our excellence, in a sustainable way.

What are those vital ingredients that we’re looking for?

We search for a mix of responsibility, teamwork, strong capacities for planning, organisation, seizing opportunities, anticipating risks, flexibility, solving problems, and of course, your own personal style.

Are you ready to make the perfect blend?


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